Arkitectonix Design Review solutions

Arkitectonix provides specialist software development expertise in the field of Design Review and Information Workflow for companies engaged in Construction and Engineering. Our customers include major global companies in Europe, Japan, Australia, Korea and the USA.

We currently market and sell two solutions within this field: ARTISAN from Pictorex, the world leading visualisation tool with its unique snapshot review feature, and SURVEYOR for Autodesk®Navisworks®, enabling the reporting of component data from CAD models. Our aim is to improve the speed and quality of decision making in the design process using these tools.

You can download these applications now.

In addition our Consulting/professional IT services currently include...

Software development

Focusing on using the NavisWorks API we are developing new plug-ins to this powerful design review application. Our first two plug-ins - Surveyor and DocuLink+ - have been widely acclaimed as valuable additional utilities.

System analysis and optimisation
Many of the larger corporate users of NavisWorks have customisation needs. For example, linking NavisWorks to various external document management systems and enabling external data to be reviewed more easily inside NavisWorks.

Preparation of training concepts & implementation of training
Training is crucial to maximise ROI with all software and we have wide experience in preparing and implementing training programmes to suit different needs. 

Arkitectonix Design Review solutions